Kuy Teav Recipe: A Delicious and Comforting Cambodian Dish

Satisfy your cravings with this authentic Kuy Teav recipe. A savory pork broth served with rice noodles and your choice of toppings and condiments.

Kuy Teav is a traditional Cambodian dish that is loved by locals and travelers alike. This simple and comforting rice noodle soup is made with a savory pork broth and a variety of toppings and condiments. Kuy Teav is a popular street food in Cambodia, especially in the capital city of Phnom Penh, where vendors sell it from street carts or food stalls.

Ingredients for Kuy Teav

The key ingredients for Kuy Teav are rice noodles, pork broth, toppings, and condiments. Rice noodles are the base of the dish and provide a soft and chewy texture. The broth is made with pork bones, which are simmered with aromatics such as garlic, ginger, and lemongrass to create a rich and flavorful base. Toppings such as bean sprouts, green onions, and cilantro add freshness and crunch to the dish. Finally, condiments such as sliced chilies, fish sauce, and lime wedges allow each person to customize the flavor to their liking.

Preparing the Broth

To make the broth, start by sautéing garlic, ginger, and lemongrass in a pot until fragrant. Then, add pork bones and cover with water. Bring the mixture to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer. Let it simmer for several hours, skimming any impurities that rise to the surface. When the broth is rich and flavorful, season it with salt and sugar to taste.

Cooking the Noodles

For the noodles, bring a pot of water to a boil and cook the rice noodles according to package instructions. Once cooked, drain the noodles and rinse them with cold water to stop the cooking process. This will also help to keep the noodles from sticking together.

Assembling the Dish

To assemble the dish, place the cooked rice noodles in a bowl and arrange the toppings on top. Pour the hot broth over the noodles and toppings, making sure to evenly distribute the liquid. Serve with the condiments on the side, allowing each person to add the desired amount to their bowl.

Kuy Teav is a delicious and comforting Cambodian dish that is easy to make at home. The savory pork broth and soft rice noodles make for a satisfying meal, while the toppings and condiments offer a variety of flavors and textures. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy lunch or a comforting dinner, Kuy Teav is a must-try. Feel free to experiment with different toppings and condiments to find your perfect combination.

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